Aluminium casting

zielona maszyna z różnymi wskaźnkami

For over 30 years, we have specialized in the production of aluminum castings, which we make in pressure and die-cast technology. We have casting machines up to 420 tons. Our company cooperated in the field of foundry with large plants operating on the world market. Our company's aluminum foundry has often proven itself in demanding orders, ensuring high quality and customer satisfaction.

Pressure casting

Pressure casting is a complicated but very efficient production process. Pressure technology allows you to produce finished products from non-ferrous metal alloys. Die casting is characterized by high accuracy and efficiency. In addition, the products that end result from this process are durable and have high quality workmanship.


Die-casting is used in the production of small and medium-sized castings, which are made in large series. This method ensures precise execution and high quality of casting with repeatability of homogeneity and dimensions of the product. Importantly, production by die-casting technology is a relatively simple process that does not require the production of a new matrix.