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We are a company with over 40 years of experience, for which high quality metal products and services is extremely important. Our activities are based on the implementation of innovative technologies in the process of machining ordinary, stainless, brass and aluminum steel. Thanks to having a pressure and die-mounted aluminum foundry, our company is able to fulfill even the most advanced orders Meeting the requirements of our customers, we also try to take care of the environment by introducing solutions that are as environmentally friendly as possible. We specialize in such services as furniture fittings, foundry and metalworking.


wykonywanie frezów w metalu


A wide range of products and services that are made based on the latest technologies and innovative production processes, while ensuring the highest quality.


In the catalog of products offered by our company you will find a wide selection of furniture fittings. we have elements for all types of furniture.



We specialize in the production of furniture fittings, metal services, as well as foundry and metalworking. Our projects are characterized by professionalism, professionalism and high quality.

metalowe okucia meblowe

Furniture fittings



Many years of experience and the use of innovative technologies have made us a strong point on the market of furniture fittings manufacturers. We provide a high quality product in which we will take care of every detail.



iskry sypiące się z urządzenia




Realizujemy nawet najbardziej zaawansowane zamówienia, ponieważ posiadamy rozbudowany park maszyn, własną narzędziownię oraz ciśnieniową i kokilową odlewnię aluminium:


  • spawanie,
  • projektowanie
  • cięcie blach


urządzenie do robienia odlewu




Our company has been engaged in foundry for more than 30 years. We specialize in the production of aluminum castings in pressure and die-cast technology. Cooperation with international companies confirms the high quality of foundries.


wirujący element urządzenia




We offer machining and sheet metal forming using many machines. The process is complex and consists of three phases based on cad, cam and cnc.


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