Furniture fittings

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The use of innovative technologies and many years of experience meant that a few years ago we became a company successfully competing on the market of furniture fittings manufacturers. Attention to various details and individual approach to each order meant that the group of satisfied customers is growing every year. Our projects in the field of metalworking They are a very important element in the furniture production process, because it is from us that even aluminum legs for furniture, as well as lifts and furniture joints leave.

Types of furniture fittings

We produce elements useful for the production of all kinds of sofas, sofas, armchairs, beds and footrests. Our company also produces parts for the production of cabinets, desks and shelves. Products leaving our plant are designed for specific orders, but also universal. Our furniture fittings will be successfully used by companies producing furniture, carpenters, repair points, as well as people repairing furniture on their own.

We offer mainly such fittings as:

  • aluminium legs for furniture,
  • furniture lifts,
  • furniture joints,
  • furniture headrest adjustment,
  • furniture mechanisms and connectors,
  • bed frames,
  • steel legs for furniture,
  • plastics
  • furniture rolls,
  • wooden legs for furniture.